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Quote1 Scott... be straight with me. I haven't tried reading your mind. You didn't sleep with Emma when you were both in Hong Kong did you? Quote2
Jean Grey

Appearing in "Germ Free Generation (Part 1)"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Mrs. Salvadore (First appearance) (Unnamed)
  • Unnamed Salvadore children (First appearance) (Unnamed)
  • Arthur Swift (Corpse, skeleton or other remains) (First appearance)
  • Magneto (Erik Magnus Lehnsherr) (Only on screen as a static image or video record)

Races and Species:




  • U-Men Truck
  • Wolverine's Motorcycle

Synopsis for "Germ Free Generation (Part 1)"

The world is talking mutants, including the Xavier Institute and the X-Men. Beast recuperates in the mansion hospital while Cyclops and Jean experience more marital discord. While the X-Men handle protestors and anti-mutant hatred at their front gates, mutants abroad are suffering because of John Sublime and his U-Men’s organ smuggling operation. Through his organization, Sublime implants humans with mutant body parts and, with state-of-the-art surgical procedures; the humans can use those parts as if they themselves were mutants. Sublime gets his supply of organs by illegally capturing mutants and removing body parts. The U-Men abduct a teenage mutant with fly powers, desiring her wings, but Wolverine has other ideas. Cyclops and Emma question Sublime about his activities, but they end up in dire straits, the next possible victims of his devious medical operations.


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