Quote1 Professor X tried to kill his twin sister while they were both still in the womb. We ought to talk... Quote2
-- Phoenix (Jean Grey-Summers)

Appearing in "Silence: Psychic Rescue In Progress"

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Synopsis for "Silence: Psychic Rescue In Progress"

Charles Xavier's mind lies imprisoned in the comatose body of Cassandra Nova. The two psychic connoisseurs, Jean and Emma, embark on a telepathic journey into Cassandra's consciousness to rescue him. Down the metaphoric stairway of Cassandra's mind and facing a vast ocean, lies a suspiciously fortified tower. Phoenix builds a bridge to cross the great divide, but suddenly the tower's defenses collapse Jean's structure. Emma shows no inclination of wanting to assist her but fortunately Jean manages to swim the remaining distance. Inside the tower, the Professor hunches over, chained down into an oozing pit, and holding up his immensely swollen head. Jean delves deeper into the metaphysical objects around her; soon witnessing the remarkable creation of two twin babies. Still in the womb, one of the twins awakens and begins strangling its sibling. But the other fights back with a psionic blast; that has the consequential effect of their pregnant mother falling down a flight of stairs. Phoenix then comes closer to Charles, releasing and setting him down on the beach side, opposite the tower. Exiting the silent room, Jean reveals to the others that the Professor tried to kill his twin sister while they were both in the womb.


  • Cassandra Nova's mind possesses Charles Xavier's body and embarked on a interplanetary excursion with Lilandra in New X-Men #117
  • Beast awoke from his coma in New X-Men #120, to reveal to the X-Men where the Professor's psyche truly lied.


  • This issue is part of the 'Nuff Said month in which no comics released at the time were allowed to use any words.
  • The only words uttered in this issue is in Jean's explanatory conclusion
  • A panel showing Emma's disgust over a kiss on the cheek by Jean to Scott, implies her contempt for Jean and her closeness to Scott
  • The insignia with a ribbon in the bottom right corner of the cover is in remembrance of the 9-11 attacks.[1]

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