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Quote1 I'm asking you to harbor the most notorious mutant criminal in Europe. Fantomex-- pleased to make you acquaintance Professor, Miss Grey. I want what it says on the tin. I'm a mutant. I demand sanctuary. Quote2

Appearing in "New Worlds"

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Synopsis for "New Worlds"

Jean tasked Cannonball, Darkstar, Multiple Man, Siryn, M, and Rictor with evacuating 150 people trapped in a train wreck in the Channel Tunnel, also noting a potential gene hazard. Later, she and Professor X contemplated Cassandra revealing them to the world. A mutant was fleeing from several of his pursuers, while Professor X examined a growing power source in Jean's skull. Then, the mutant entered their building, introduced himself as Fantomex, and asked them to harbor him. As their building was surrounded, Fantomex told them that he stole something that he shouldn't have and something "big and bad" called Weapon XII got loose in the train wreck. The team was under attack in the Channel Tunnel while Scott decided to talk to Emma about Jean and himself.


First appearance of Fantomex.

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