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Quote1.png Ghost stories, Jean? Sixteen million mutants died here on one day... is it any wonder there are ghost stories? Quote2.png
Professor X

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Synopsis for "Ambient Magnetic Fields"

Quicksilver, Sabra, and Thunderbird are scouring the decimated ruins of Genosha, awaiting the arrival of Professor X. Sabra implies that the death of Magneto is a blessing, much to disliking of Quicksilver, who rushes of shouting he will meet them at the rendezvous point. On his way there he finds Unus, the Untouchable Man, laying in a pile of rubble. Unus is clearly distraught, fearfully rambling about "millions of ghosts and voices" penetrating his force field and buzzing inside of him.

Jean Grey and Professor Xavier arrive Shortly after and are greeted enthusiastically by Storm and the other mutants. They are taken to Unus who tells of a Woman with hair as green as the sea leading the procession of voices. Charles is shocked and deducts that the person responsible for the apparitions and anomalies is in fact Lorna Dane aka Polaris. He informs the others of his findings and tells of other living mutant minds on the island him and Jean have become aware of. Jean suggests forming a search party and the group heads for Magda Square, home to Genosha's capital buildings and the presumed death bed of the master of magnetism.

On the way Xavier notices a familiar face forming atop a destroyed mega sentinel, entering the machine they find Toad and two other mutants using scrap metal to build a giant memorial statue in the likeness of Magneto. They are hostile at first but when Charles explains they are here in search of Polaris one of the mutants with toad exclaims he saw her "gathering the dead" while he was out collecting materials. The group heads out and is immediately surrounded by hundreds of flowing plasmoid objects bending in the air, echoing the voices and screams of mutants who had fallen. Storm inquires about the spirits and Jean asserts that they are not ghosts but some kind of fractured manifestation of repeated thoughts and voices. floating above the harrowing scene at the focal point of the heartrending apparitions is Lorna.

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The entire island of Genosha, along with it’s population, was destroyed by Cassandra Nova’s Wild Sentinels in New X-Men #115New X-Men #116.

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