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Quote1 I'm only playing devil's advocate, Professor. You've always encouraged us to dream... ...I just wondered what would happen if one of us had a dream you didn't like? Quote2
Quentin Quire

Appearing in "Teaching Children About Fractals"

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Synopsis for "Teaching Children About Fractals"

Xorn and the special class climbed up a mountain and set up a campfire, while Quentin Quire formed a gang (who he declared to be the "the new X-Men") with Glob, Radian, Redneck, and Tattoo after a disagreement with Professor X and in response to Jumbo Carnation's murder. The gang also made use of Kick in an attempt to enhance their mutant powers up to five times for five hours, while Professor X and Emma Frost were concerned about its effects and the deaths that it had already caused.


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