Quote1.png Our universe is broken, Logan. We have no idea where the break occurred...all we know is there's no one left to put it right. Except for us... Quote2.png
-- Headmistress Cassandra Nova Xavier

Appearing in "Here Comes Tomorrow (Part 1)"

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Synopsis for "Here Comes Tomorrow (Part 1)"

  • Synopsis not yet written.


  • Story takes place in the alternate future, "Here Comes Tomorrow" (Earth-15104). All characters are the counterparts in that timeline, even Cyclops and Emma Frost who are a version of them.


  • Tito Bohusk Jr. is the grandson of Beak.
  • E.V.A. first appeared with Fantomex in the 616 timeline.
  • Rover later appears in the TV series 'Wolverine and the X-Men'.
  • The last name 'Skylark' would later be used on Tracy Skylark, who was a part of the Sentinel Squad O*N*E*. It is unknown if the are related.

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