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Appearing in "Choosing Sides 1 of 6: Here is the House"

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  • Sentinels (Danger Room construct)
  • Soldiers (Danger Room construct)

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Synopsis for "Choosing Sides 1 of 6: Here is the House"

As a new semester begins at the newly rebuilt Xavier Institute for Higher Learning, there are quite a few changes in store. Scott Summers and Emma Frost are now co-headmasters of the school, and they have a different idea of how the school will be run. Students will all be trained to use their powers and be taught self-defense, on top of their regular school classes. The new students, including Noriko Ashida and Jay Guthrie, are given a tour by the headmasters, and Nori begins to butt heads with Miss Frost. Nori also damages her gauntlets unknowingly, and while in the cafeteria with David Alleyne, Sofia Mantega, Laurie Collins, and Josh Foley, her electricity powers begin to act up, causing a blackout. The five of them set out to find the missing piece of Nori’s gauntlet, steal Scott’s keycard to get into the Danger Room where the missing piece was lost during the tour. As they enter, Nori has to release her charge and accidentally causes the Danger Room to activate a program, unleashing a pair of Sentinels and a crowd of armed soldiers on the five mutant students. Through luck and teamwork, they manage to beat the program and find Nori’s missing regulator knob. Unfortunately, everything isn’t right, and David tells the others what he saw on the computer screen in Mr. Summers’ office. All the students are being separated into different squads, and the five of them might not want to get too comfortable hanging out. They may be getting broken up…


  • New X-Men: Academy X is the revamped version of New Mutants Vol 2, by the same writers.
  • Most of the characters were introduced, or re-introduced, for the first time in the thirteen issues of New Mutants Vol 2.


  • This is the first appearence of Nori Ashida's newly colored hair with Electric Blue.

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