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Quote1.png David, are you apologizing for killing me, or for having a crush on me? Quote2.png
-- Dani Moonstar

Appearing in "Too Much Information (Part 2)"

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Synopsis for "Too Much Information (Part 2)"

  • Synopsis not yet written.

Solicit Synopsis

TOO MUCH INFORMATION 2 of 2 David Alleyne, a.k.a. Prodigy, has realized the full potential of his powers. But could it cost him his friends? Part 2 of 2. 32 PGS./Marvel PSR …$2.99


  • It's revealed that David has a crush on Dani.
  • This vision is set eighteen years in the future.
  • This vision of future reveals possibly outcomes for several characters:
    • David Alleyne serves as Attorney General and then as U.S. President.
    • Nori Ashida marries David and serves as First Lady.
    • Jay Guthrie becomes as music superstar.
    • Sofia Mantega serves as C.E.O. of Barrett Supermarkets (her father's company). She also marries, but later divorces Julian Keller becomes of the Hellions terrorist activity.
    • Laurie Collins is a writer of romance fiction.
    • The Hellions becomes a militant group of terrorists. Sooraya Qadir is prosecuted and executed for her involvement in with the Hellions terrorist activity (eight years after David left Xaviers).


  • Eighteen years in the future Dani age is thirty-nine. This confirms her age as twenty-one during this title. (39-18=21)

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