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Appearing in "Dance Hall Days"

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Synopsis for "Dance Hall Days"

  • Synopsis not yet written.


  • Dates for the Spring Dance:
    • David accompanied Laurie (who was considering NOT attending).
    • Julian accompanied all three of the Stepford Cuckoos, but later danced with Sofia.
    • Jay asked Sooraya but when she declined he accompanied Sofia Mantega who later danced with Julian.
    • Josh accompanied Nori though Nori ended up dancing with Quill and Josh ended up dancing with Magma.
    • Kevin tried to ask out Laurie, but David asked her out first and Kevin ended up going stag
    • Dani asked and accompanied Agent Pierce.
    • It appears that Cessily went to the dance alone.
  • Wolverine, who appeared in the previous issue under the control of Hydra and The Hand, and appears with the rest of the X-Men in this one, was freed from his brainwashing in the interim between the two issues.


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