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Appearing in "Childhood's End (Part 2 of 4)"

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Synopsis for "Childhood's End (Part 2 of 4)"

In a flashback we see William Stryker save Dr. Abrams from a car accident.

In the present, Nori receives newer, lighter gauntlets from Forge, and the students discuss their powered or depowered status. On the news, it is announced that X-Corps offices around the globe are closing which, paired with the empty streets in Mutant Town, alerts the students that the aftermath of M-Day is global and not, as they assumed, localized to the school.

William Stryker, who predicted M-Day weeks before it happened, states in a televised interview that God granted him the gift of foresight. Due to his correct predictions of events, the number of his followers has greatly risen. Jay Guthrie questions whether or not M-Day might have been, as Stryker states, a miracle, as he wishes he had lost his powers, as well.

Hellion enters, stating that Prodigy no longer belongs at the Institute because he is depowered, and says Prodigy has already called Harvard. Nori is taken aback by this information. Wind Dancer, also depowered, confronts Hellion over his hardline stance of who belongs and who does not, implying that he is incapable of giving love to humans.

Wolverine enters with Laura, introducing her to the students. Emma does not want Laura at the school due to her killer programming, but Scott insists she stay.

Prodigy explains to Nori that he called Harvard to withdraw his application, as he intends to go to college closer to her. He takes his team into a cave where he has set up a miniature version of the Danger Room. The Hellions follow, and Prodigy begins to try out simulations in which the students take on the costumes of the older X-Men. 'Fall of the Mutants' and 'Live Free or Die' are booted up.

Ten days from present, Elixer walks into the med-bay to find Beast and Emma working on Jay Guthrie, whose wings have been amputated. Emma states that he's dying. When he comes to he panics and tells them not to touch him



  • It is theorized Jeffrey Garrett died after losing his powers as a result of M-Day. This is the only mention of him since M-Day.

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