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Appearing in "Childhood's End pt. 4"

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Synopsis for "Childhood's End pt. 4"

In a flashback, Stryker is seen approaching Jay Guthrie in a church. He explains that there was an angel present at the death of Julia Cabot, for whom Jay is praying.

In the present, Scott and Emma argue about whether the students are ready for the coming dangers when Jay arrives, bleeding out from where his wings have been amputated. Upon seeing Elixer, Jay panics, afraid Elixer will heal him. Emma takes Elixer away and makes him forget what he's seen.

Emma calls all the students to the danger room, announcing that after a free-for-all the students left standing will train to be X-Men. Emma gives Hellion instructions to take Laura out first and further hinders her by locking her movement.

After the battle, Emma announces that Mercury, Dust, Hellion, Elixer, Rockslide, and Surge are to move on to X-Men training. Scott arrives and points out that Laura also survived and appoints her to the training as well, telling Emma that they'll discuss the unauthorized exercise later. Emma makes Surge team leader, to the Hellion's dismay.

Emma calls an assembly and announces that the remaining depowered students will be boarding a bus to take them someplace safe. After the bus is loaded, Stryker's Purifiers attack, blowing up the bus and the human students aboard.


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