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Quote1.png Yeah, I tried... but everyone I touched was dead... everyone but DJ. I could feel him dying... his life bleeding out of him. I held on to it with everything I had... I didn't let go... My hands, my bones and blood burned but I never let go... But he still died... And when he died, he took a piece of me with him. A piece of me died, too. Now I feel cold -- dead -- empty. And I'll never get that piece back... never! So whoever did this to us... to me... is going to die. And I'm going to be the one that kills them. Quote2.png

Appearing in "Crusade pt. 2"

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Synopsis for "Crusade pt. 2"

Outside the Danger Room, some of the students listen in on the events happening inside, Armor asking if they haven't had enough of the room trying to kill them.

Quite suddenly, Rockslide comes flying through the walls, missing a hand. Inside, the New X-Men are trying to fight Colossus... to no luck.

Outside, Matthew Risman is watching the mansion through a sniper rifle, undetected by the O*N*E Sentinels. Back in his church, Stryker speaks to his Purifier. One of the Purifiers questions their methods, and the device they're using to facilitate this. As they talk, mechanical eyes watch them.

Back in the mansion, and the students are still having no luck fighting Colossus. Elixir's powers can't effect his metal form, and Surge's powers not only don't bother him, but he's able to turn them against the others. Julian, meanwhile, refuses to help, still holding on to the Hellion / New Mutant rivalry, and Sooraya still follows him. Colossus quickly defeats them as well, and Emma finally declares the exercise over. At which point Josh strikes Peter over the head with a metal bar, angry over his, and by extension the rest of the X-Men's inability to save his friends. Angered, Emma grabs the young man and threatens to erase every happy memory he ever had, before kicking him off the team.

In Eagle Plaza, one of Forge's inventions bursts into flames, not something he wanted to happen.

Back in the X-Mansion, and Laurie shares her concerns about Jay with Cannonball, and how he's been behaving since the attack. As the conversation continues, Laurie's powers start effecting Sam as well.

Later, Jay makes his way to Sooraya's room, refusing to let her talk him into going back to the infirmary. He asks if they can talk alone, before cryptically saying he "didn't mean for any of this to happen", and declares his intention to fix everything. He doesn't sound sure whether he'll return. As he leaves, X-23 tells Sooraya not to trust him, as he smells "like death". Confused, Sooraya looks at a piece of paper Jay placed in her hands, an address in Salem Center.

Outside, Joshua is fuming, despite Laurie's attempts to talk to him. She tells him being angry doesn't suit him. He's a healer. Josh angrily asks why he can't heal Laurie's arm, and she points out that after what Whither did, there's nothing left to heal, but it's still not his fault. Josh disagrees, telling her how he felt DJ bleeding out beneath his hands, despite everything he could do, and that he felt a little piece of himself die with him. For that, Joshua swears that he's going to kill the person who did it, before yelling at Laurie to stay the hell out of his way. At which point Risman fires on Laurie.

Stryker hears the news, and happily declares that once "the Muslim" is taken care of, the Purifiers can move on their plans. Another Purifier declares that Jay has arrives, despite that surviving the surgery he went through was all but outright impossible. As Jay approaches, the Purifier's device starts acting up, sensing a Mutant and wanting to kill him.

A confused Jay states that the Reverend promised to save his friends, but Stryker calmly states he'll explain, and leads them both into the church. As this happens, the Purifiers become increasingly panicked about the device, one screaming at another to turn it off.

Stryker reveals to Jay what the device is. It's Nimrod, the Super-Sentinel. And unbeknownst to Stryker, it's just successfully rebooted itself...


  • The cover art is an homage to Uncanny X-Men #210 (October 1986).
  • The implant Risman is using to avoid detection by the Sentinels is implied, and later confirmed, to be the same device Jay is using to suppress his Mutant powers, along with what is causing X-23 to state he smells like death.

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