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Quote1.png Listen up, everybody! I said --LISTEN UP! You've all been talking. Gossiping. About one of our classmates is going to go to jail. You should be ashamed of yourselves. He's a mutant. Just like you and me. Some flatscan from the FBI shows up and says he's dangerous. And you all believe it? So Kevin Ford is dangerous? We all are. We're the next next step in evolution and they want to shut us down. And all you can do about it it gossip. Take a good look at Kevin 'cuz he could be you. Ben, when your flame powers manifested, you torched your town's park. Did they send you to jail? Because if Kevin goes, you might be next. Hey, Nori, you were homeless, your powers were out of control, you robbed the local coffee shop. They come for you yet? And Dallas, first time you went into shadow form, your grandfather had a heart attack. Are you responsible for that? Sofia, didn't you trash your dad's store? You got to avoid jail because you came here. This is the place we got to be safe. They want to take one of us away and all you can do is gossip. You're terrible mutants. You're not fit to be called Mutants (Homo superior). Quote2.png

Appearing in "Choosing Sides 5 of 6: Above the Law"

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Synopsis for "Choosing Sides 5 of 6: Above the Law"

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  • During Hellion's speech he relates the manifestations of several mutants powers including Wither accidentally killing his father, Match torching his town's park, Specter first shadow form transformation which caused his grandfather to have a heart attack and Surge's uncontrolled electrical power and related homelessness and drug problems.
  • Hellion's speech is vaguely compared to similar speeches delivered by Magneto.

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