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City of New York Police Department

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City of New York Police Department
Organization Aliases
NYPD, New York's finest[1]


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Various in New York City


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Quote1.png Ha ha, okay. Here's the thing with cops here. They are just another plot device to further the existence of super heroes. I'm from a world without super heroes. I know how cops are supposed to be, okay? If you had a halfway competent C.I.A., you wouldn't need S.H.I.E.L.D.. If your military could fight the Skrulls, you wouldn't need the Avengers. And if your joke cops could stop a single bank robbery, then you wouldn't need Spider-Man. Your world never needed the police. Quote2.png

The New York City Police Department is a police organization that guards New York City from various criminal elements, both regular and superhuman.



Transportation: Police Cruisers
Weapons: Various police firearms


  • The NYPD has used Code Six-Oh-Six as an informal code for a crime where a superhuman is present on the scene and also referred to this as a 'Super Sixer'. These codes weren't covered at the Police Academy and were a reference to Earth-616, the world in which most Marvel comics are based.[2]

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