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NYPD officers were unable to apprehend Sandman as he broke into and robbed a bank. When a pair of officers caught up to Marko, they found that Spider-Man had trapped him in cement.[1]

They created a parameter outside the Con Edison Plant during a power outage in Brooklyn, unknown that that Doctor Doom was inside siphoning power from the plant.[2]

Spidey dropped off Electro with two officers, but they were attacked in their squad car by the Sinister Six, who Electro with them.[3]

Master Plan

The NYPD was spread thin during a crime spree caused by Crime-Master secretly sent criminals the times and locations ideal for heists.[4]

Stark Camp

Peter parker called the police to report that his aunt had been kidnapped. They were able to block off Forest Hills before her kidnappers, Rhino and Shocker, could escape, allowing Spider-Man to arrive and defeat them.[5]

Officers were called to the Maria Stark Science Center to arrest Ethan and Lachlan for robbery and attempted murder.

Later that day, the NYPD defended a hospitalized Maggia informer from Sandman[6]

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