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As soon as Professor Stromm was released from the state prison, he was picked up by ex-con Max Young.[1]

After he was caught on Bedloe Island, Daredevil was taken into custody to the prison infirmary to recover, while a curious prisoner began to take off his mask.[2]
Daredevil easily overpowered him and, covering his costume in a trench coat, he managed to get out the prison impersonating a doctor.[3]
After a few days, Starr Saxon visited inmate Biggie Benson, who hired him to unleash his robot on Daredevil, in order to get revenge for his involvement in his arrest following the clearing of Willie Lincoln's name.[4]
As the robot was then accidentally programmed to kill Biggie Benson, Daredevil rushed to the prison where Benson was being held prisoner, fighting his way into his cell, and passed out just as the robot busted through the wall.[5]
Daredevil was unable to stop the robot from killing Benson. After Benson was terminated, the robot shut down, waiting for new instructions. After getting some medical treatment, on a hunch, DD hit its chest plate just as the robot was coming to life, causing its mechanisms to break and disabling the robot.[6]

Many years later, the Mad Thinker was found dead in his cell by one of the inmates.[7]

After serving his time, David Lowell was released from the New York State Penitentiary.[8]

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