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The New York State Supreme Court Building, formerly known as the New York County Courthouse, is located on Foley Square in the Civic Center of the Manhattan borough of New York City.

The trial of Peter Parker was conducted in this courthouse, though it was actually Ben Reilly posing as Peter Parker at the time.[1] Mary Jane Watson was called to testify by defense attorney Blake Tower.[3] Before the trial's conclusion, Kaine entered the courthouse and confessed to be the real killer, acquitting Peter Parker, only to attack Ben Reilly.[4] After Spider-Man's intervention, Kaine was eventually arrested by Jacob Raven and brought to Ryker's Island.[5]

The murder trial of Hector Ayala was also held in this courthouse.[2] After the jury declared him guilty, he acted insane and was tragically killed by the police on the courthouse steps.[6]



On the roof of the New York County Courthouse, Kirsten McDuffie met with Spider-Man and asked him to find Daredevil.[9]

When Matt Murdock became an Assistant District Attorney, he held trials at the New York State Supreme Court Building.[10] His first big assignment from District Attorney Ben Hochberg was to secure an indictment against the Church of the Sheltering Hands; however, Onehand, Nonefingers, and Sam Chung infiltrated the courthouse and attacked Billy Li as he was preparing to speak with the grand jury, preventing him from testifying against Tenfingers.[11]

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In Earth-TRN664, a brainwashed Deadpool murdered Daredevil within the New York State Supreme Court Building.[12]

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