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NYU Medical Center is an academic hospital located on First Avenue in the Kips Bay neighborhood of Manhattan in New York City affiliated with New York University.

A dying Peter Parker was hospitalized here when he collapsed without any warning.[1]

All of sudden, Peter's mysterious illness vanished and he apparently gained his spider-powers back.[2]

Before dismissing him, the doctors still prescribed him some medical examinations to check his health.[3]

Betty Brant used to be treated at the N.Y.U. Medical Center for injuries suffered during her investigations.[4]

After being attacked by Jack O'Lantern, J. Jonah Jameson was hospitalized here.[5] Jack O'Latern visited Jonah to let him know he had targeted his wife.[6] Jameson then decided to leave the hospital.[7]

From his hospital bed, he witnessed Spider-Man and X-Man fight against Electro.[8]

After being wounded during a shootout by Fortunato's men, Jill Stacy was hospitalized here.[9]

A short time later, at the University Medical Center Doctor Octopus was attacked and kidnapped by Captain Power.[10]

Some time later, Northstar's corpse was stolen from New York University Medical Center by Elektra and the Hand.[11]

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