Newton Destine is, a superhuman genius who built the Clan Destine's advanced technology and set up the Relative Strangers Protocols. Newton also mentored his younger brother, Dominic when he was growing up and the two are very close.[1]

Newton usually lived on another planet in another reality, but will teleport back to Earth whenever Dominic calls him, using a special signal watch.[1]

On the planet Ethera, Newton received a second body. He can switch between both bodies at will. The second body is very large and strong (but Newton lacks any fighting skills). Also on Ethera, Newton is dating the beautiful Satyr-Nun, however she often has to declare war on him just to remind him of their dates, that he forgets about when he becomes embroiled in one scientific experiment or another.[3]

Recently Newton has brought Dominic to live on Ethera in order for him to find a calmer environment to survive in.


  • Super Genius Intellect
  • Near Immortality


Newton's natural body is physically weaker than his brothers and his father.

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