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Quote1.png My son, Newton, built it. He is something of a genius. Quote2.png
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Newton Destine was the child of the immortal Adam Destine and the Djinn Elalyth. Newton has a genius level intellect and a gift for creating technological marvels.[1]


Newton Destine was born in 1774.[5][6] During his long life, he has used is intuitive genius to benefit himself and protect his family. Predicting the advancements of humankind, Newton developed the Relative Strangers Protocols to protect the secret identities of his family allow them to begin new lives with minimal suspicion.[1]

As part of the Relative Strangers Protocols, Newton, posing as his uncle, acted as the guardian and mentored his younger brother, Dominic. The pair still maintain their close relationship.[1] Knowing that Dom was always been rather wild, Newton gave Dom a Signal Watch to summon him and placed a 4-D tag on him that allowed him to track Dom throughout the Multiverse.[7]

Newton was a contemporary of Albert Einstein, Einstein admired Newton's brilliance. Trying to protect Vincent from the immense and dark nature of his powers, and Adam Destine consulted with both Newton and Einstein.[8]

In 1969, Newton attended Woodstock with his brothers Will, Dominic, Sebastian, Maurice Fortuit, and Vincent using Adam's VW van.[8]

Newton primarily resides on Ethera, an alternate reality Earth, where he is known as the Warlord of Ethera. On Ethera, Newton received a second, larger, more muscular body, and can switch between both bodies at will.[1][2] Additionally, Newton is currently dating the beautiful Satyr-Nun. However, Satyr-Nun often becomes annoyed with being ignored by Newton and frequently playfully destroys his inventions to get his attention.[9] When summoned by Dominic Destine's Signal Watch, Newton can quickly teleport back to Earth when needed.[1]

Recently Newton has brought Dominic to recover on Ethera in order for him to find a calmer environment to survive in.[5] However, when Vincent's spirit returned to Earth, Dominic and Newton both returned to try to save him.[10][4]



Cuckoo confronting Newton about traveling to Ethera

Due to his magical heritage, Newton possesses several powers including:

  • Super Genius Intellect: Newton possesses an intuitive genius level intellect. Newton has created multiple technologically advanced devices.[1]
  • Advanced Longevity: Although he was born over a century ago, Newton still appears to be a relatively young.[1]
  • Interdimensional Travel: Newton has told his siblings that his ability to travel to Ethera is part of his unique gift was to cross dimensional divides. Despite claiming that he cannot bring others with him, he is in fact able to bring others.[2]


  • Psi-Shield: To prevent Cuckoo (and others) from reading his mind, Newton has implanted a psi-shield in himself.[2]


Newton's natural body is physically weaker than his siblings and father.




  • Newton's character design is based on a young Woody Allen.

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