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The children of the Avengers mightiest members unite to save mankind from their parents murderer, Ultron.
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The Next Avengers were the sons and daughters of the first generation of Avengers. Their world was ruled by Ultron, and they survived with the help of Iron Man, Spider-Girl, and Maestro.

When the Avengers of Earth-616 visited Earth-10071 and where brought back to the past, they traveled back to the future creating the divergent Earth-10943 by convincing Ultron into surrendering to Kang' army.[1] Upon Ultron's defeat, Immortus turned on the heroes, killing Maestro, Spider-Girl, and Iron Man, but the Avengers Next then killed him.[2]

The Earth recovered from Ultron's reign, and when A.I.M. started delivering future tech to their past counterparts, the Next Avengers were brought to the past in order to stop them.[3] They succeeded, and stopped A.I.M.'s technological growth by releasing a device named "Sigkill" which erased all of their data.[4]

After helping S.H.I.E.L.D., the Next Avengers deciced to stay in the past.[5]


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