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The men known as Agent-X, Snare, and Turk found employment as super-powered security guards for Penner Security Associates. At some point, the three left to form their own team known as the Next Wave and establish a reputation as freelance mercenaries, willing to work for anyone who pays them handsomely.

In presumably their first outing, the Next Wave attacked the estate of their former employee Penner but was stopped by the vigilante Ghost Rider and the mutants Wolverine and the Beast. After experiencing the Ghost Rider's "penance stare" the team seemed incapacitated.

Sandman who had just left the Wild Pack and the mysterious Fin joined the team, just as they were hired by Hydra to destroy Cyberwarriors that had been stolen by the splinter group The Genesis Coalition. They infiltrated the aquatic battle station at the same time as Silver Sable's Wild Pack and proceeded with the mission, accidentally destroying the battle station with there reckless tactics and nearly drowning the Wild Pack. After the battle was won Agent X suggested they should work together sometime and would lease their services to Silver Sable who bluntly replied they didn't meet her standards. Sandman realized his place was with the Wild Pack and Silver Sable welcomed him back. Fin also left the team and Joined Sandman in Silver Sable's newly formed team The Intruders.

Later, the Next Wave found themselves hunted by a team called the Posse—another super-powered trio hired by Penner to exact revenge on the Next Wave. The ensuing battle attracted the attention of Ghost Rider and Wolverine, who easily defeated both the Next Wave and the Posse. Ghost Rider then turned his penance stare on the Next Wave once more.

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