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Forbush Man
...No. It cannot be. My power transports the mind--but you do not appear to have one.
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Tabitha Smith (Earth-616) from All-New X-Men Vol 1 40 001.jpg
Tabitha Smith
Zomg. Boom.
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Synopsis for 1st story

The Nextwave continue to fight against the Beyond Corporation's themed supervillains, when Aaron Stack accidentally discovers that the villains are made of the same broccoli like substance the Human Recourse Operatives are made of, and thus not human. The Nextwave makes short work of the remaining villains.

Near defeat, Number None orders in his secret weapon, the mysterious Forbush Man. Forbush Man uses his power on Nextwave, something called Forbush Vision, that makes each of the Nextwave members experience a nightmarish parody of their life and personality. The only person this doesn't affect is Tabitha. Forbush Man deduces that because his Forbush Vision affects the mind, Tabitha must not have one. Tabitha destroys him.

Tabitha Smith defeats Forbush Man.

His secret weapon eliminated, Number None flees in his floating castle. Monica Rambeau orders the Nextwave back to the Shockwave Rider so they can follow him and end Beyond Corporation once and for all.

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