Quote1.png Let's save America by beating up everything we see. Quote2.png
-- Monica Rambeau

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Synopsis for 1st story

Flying a badly damaged Shockwave Rider the Nextwave follows Number None to State 51, a massive invisible flying fortress/factory/base flying over the Nevada Desert. Before they can successfully formulate a plan they are ambushed by the H.A.T.E. Aeromarine, commanded by the resurrected and zombified Dirk Anger. Psychotic and devoid of reason Anger crashes the Aeromarine into State 51 and the Nextwave barely make it out of the Shockwave Rider before it too is destroyed.

They immediately begin fighting their way through a horde of bizarre and ridiculous super-weapons designed by the Beyond Corperation, everything from super-powered floating paraplegics, to a Aptasaurus with Cyclops's eye beams, to bi-planes flown by vipers.

Having survived the charge through the station the Nextwave search for Number None, only to have the villain find them and stab Aaron Stack through the chest with what dramatically looks like a fatal wound.

Solicit Synopsis

"NOT A CIVIL WAR TIE IN" Freedom or safety? Secrets or celebrity? Iron Man or Captain America? WE DON’T CARE! What care we for freedom OR safety when there are things that need to be kicked and exploded! Yes, “explode” can now be used as a verb. DEAL WITH IT!


  • Given the nature of Beyond, there's a chance these are clones/androids/evil-twins/alternate versions of those characters.


  • The cover is a humorous parody of the ongoing Civil War series that was happening at the same time as Nextwave was being published. While not actually participating in the event the cover is designed like covers of participating series.

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