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Devil Dinosaur

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Number None has just appeared to have killed Aaron Stack with a spear through the chest. Of course being a robot this doesn't kill Aaron, and apparently only has the effect of making his hole make him 'strangely attracted to himself'. Destroying Number None's head, the Nextwave discover that Number None is simply a body being piloted by the unnamed child of M.O.D.O.K. and M.O.D.A.M.. Chasing the fleeing baby M.O.D.O.K. the Nextwave arrive just in time to see the tiny supervillain get murdered by the secret mastermind of the Beyond Corporation and all of their trials thus far...

Devil Dinosaur

Mastermind revealed.

Citing his hatred of mammals after his years serving Moon-Boy, Devil Dinosaur admits to eating is former companion and engineering the whole conspiracy of Beyond as revenge on all mammals. Combining their efforts the Nextwave disarm Devil Dinosaur before dropping him in his lair chamber off of State 51 before Tabitha Smith detonated it.

The evil machinations of Beyond Corporation put to rest the Nextwave contemplate life after Nextwave. Monica, giving it some thought asks the team what they can do now suddenly enabled by the seemingly infinite recourses and weaponry the still floating State 51 can do. The team doesn't know. Monica responds:

"Anything we want."

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