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Quote1.png Hot damn! Get me a case of vodka, eight loose women and a stomach pump! Stat! Imma watch TEEVEE! Quote2.png
Dirk Anger

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Synopsis for 1st story

In Shot Creek, Colorado, a Beyond Corporation Human Recourse operative performs a magical rite summoning a being known as Rorkannu so they can rent the destructive magical beings known as Mindless Ones. The creature agrees in exchange for a hundred Earth dollars and the Suicide Girls.

Dirk Anger is interrupted during a suicide attempt to be informed of the development in Shot Creek, specifically that the Nextwave are on their way there and that he doesn't need to intervene but only watch them get slaughtered. He agrees and directs the Aeromarine on the new course.

The Nextwave arrive in Shot Creek and immediately back up the police force there, the streets flooded with Mindless One's slaughtering civilians. The team gets to work destroying the surprisingly explosive creatures. After destroying the Mindless One's that were immediately threatening the police force they regroup and head to retake the other part of town.

In the other part of town the Mindless One's have been oddly integrating themselves into human habits.


Rorkannu makes regular mention of the Suicide Girls, a famous alternative burlesque modeling group.

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