Quote1.png Victim? Victim? You think this letter on my chest stands for America? Quote2.png
-- Elsa Bloodstone

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The issue begins with a flashback to a few moments after the creation of Captain America back in 1941, where the soon to be superhero has taken a post-transformation bathroom break. Not long after a Nazi agent attempts to steal a massive jar of the Captain's fresh urine but has it stolen from him by an unseen figure.

In the present, the Nextwave find themselves in a city that has been turned into a ghost town with empty streets. Tabitha Smith learns about French Canadians. Monica discovers that the city isn't a ghost town but actually a full sized fake city to be used as a trap to lure the Nextwave in. Before they can escape a floating upside-down castle appears, being ridden by a figure who identifies himself as Number None, the Cheif Executive Officer of the Beyond Corporation. Number None then releases wave after wave of themed supervillian teams at Nextwave, including the New Paramounts, an Avengers parody team led by the comedy based superhero Forbush Man.

The Nextwave begin to fight.


  • Elsa's closing line in the issue is a humorous reference to a similar one delivered by Captain America in the Marvel comic book series Ultimates.

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