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During the Hyborian Age, Nexxx was a dark,[2] angry, and baleful god who lived in his dark dimension. His existence was known only to a few, including his servants, the Witches of Nexxx.[1]

He developed an alliance with the Elder God Set.[2] At the spot where they met in Stygia, a temple was built, and Liirix was its caretaker, serving both Nexxx and Set.

On a night where Nexxx culd pierce the barriers between his and Earth dimensions, the Witches of Nexxx brought him two brides, with whom he laid, giving birth months later to two sons, Jonnwalli and Dukenrik. The two babes were given to Okniragg the Brythunian, a minor sorcerer indebted to Nexxx, for him to raise them. The boys were supposed to have their father's blood awaking in them.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Nexxx was stated to be omnipotent,[1] although that may be an exaggeration.

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