Nezhno's mother had an affair with a Russian man during his time in Wakanda. During this affair, she conceived Nezhno. However, unknown to her, Nezhno's father was a mutant and passed the X-Gene on to their son.[2]

X-Men Red Vol 1 6 page 7

Young Nezhno being physically and emotionally abused by his mother

After his birth, his mother rejected Nezhno because she viewed him as not being a true Wakandan or even a human. Nezhno's mother eventually married a Wakandan man who physically abused her; she, in turn, was physically and emotionally abusive to Nezhno.[1] Shortly after marrying, his mother left Nezhno to live in the Royal Palace of Wakanda. With her new husband, Nezhno's mother gave birth to N'Baku.[2]

After the X-Men disbanded, Gentle returned to Wakanda from the Xavier Institute. While in Wakanda, Gentle met his younger brother for the first time when he saved him from a truck. Despite their years of separation, Nezhno's mother continued to shun and rejected him.[2][3]

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