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Nga is the second youngest of the siblings[1], Nga and and her twin, Leong, arrived in the United States as a Vietnamese refugee with their older sister, Shan, and took refuge at the church of Father Bowen, until General Nguyen Ngoc Coy kidnapped them to force their sister to work for him. After a previous attempt by Spider-Man, they were eventually rescued by him, the Fantastic Four, and Karma.[2] Karma did not move Nga and Leong into Xavier's school, instead renting a small apartment in New York.

The twins became obsessed with Mojo's television show, "Wildways" and were abducted by Mojo and Spiral along with the Bratpack, Wolfsbane, and Sunspot.[3] Nga and Leong were transformed into adults and collectively known as "Template", with the power to age and de-age targets, but reverted to their true selves at the end of the conflict.

During the Mutant Massacre, Karma grew worried for her siblings when they did not answer the phone. With Magik's teleportation power, she was transported to her Lower East Side apartment but Nga and Leong were gone, and the apartment rigged with a bomb, which the girls narrowly escaped.[4]

Nga and Leong remained missing, to Karma's dismay, and she felt the then headmaster of Xavier's School, Magneto, was not making enough effort to locate them. Taking matters into her own hands, Karma possessed Tessa of the Hellfire Club in hopes of locating the missing children, but learned Magneto and the Hellfire Club truthfully could not locate Nga or Leong. Karma then resigned from the New Mutants and left for Madripoor, hoping her criminal uncle, General Nguyen Ngoc Coy, would have the resources to find the twins.[4]

While Karma was unsuccessful locating her siblings in Madripoor, they were found by Sunspot when he and X-Force encountered Shinobi Shaw. Shaw had captured the children for the purpose of genetic experimentation, but during the scuffle with X-Force, offered Nga and Leong to Spiral.[5] At her Body Shop, Spiral grotesquely transfigured and aged both Leong and Nga into cybernetic slaves, but they were rescued by Beast, Cannonball, and Karma.[6] Karma was able to find a doctor to reverse the transfiguration and de-age the children to their normal selves.[7]

Subsequently, Nga and Leong lived with Karma in Chicago while their sister was attending the University of Chicago,[8] but later enrolled in the Lower School at Xavier's where Karma had returned as Librarian and French Teacher.[9] Karma became much more involved with the X-Men as a member of the team in San Francisco and New York, with Nga and Leong in tow.[10][11] It is unknown whether Nga and Leong accompanied Karma to Krakoa.

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