Ngozi was a track star until she was caught in a severe bus accident which paralyzed her legs, making her unable to walk. One day, Ngozi was attempting to capture a grasshopper for her bug collection when the Venom Symbiote bonded with her.

The symbiote was attempting to evade capture from the Rhino, but when Black Panther was killed in the ensuing battle, Ngozi convinced the symbiote to help her defeat the Rhino and protect the people of Lagos.

Recognizing the new Venom's bravery, the Dora Milaje recruited Ngozi into their ranks and in Wakanda she was eventually named as T'Challa's successor, as well as the interim Black Panther.[1]

After spending a little over a year studying at Wakanda University -- missing out on celebrating her 18th birthday due to her duties -- Ngozi returned to Lagos to celebrate her aunt's wedding with her family. Her ex-boyfriend, Olu, who possessed the mutant ability to manipulate light and electricity, raided the wedding alongside his fellow mutant allies, Setan - a man with botanokinetic abilities, and Adora - a woman with the ability to manipulate bolstering purple energy. Outraged, Venom tracked them down and learned they were distributing the stolen food to the poor, but when Olu and his friends berated her for turning her back on Lagos she lost control of her rage and barely stopped the symbiote from killing them. She lamented the prejudice against mutants when the slum the three mutants had been living in was torn down the next day. Ngozi later attended her aunt's wedding.[2]

Ngozi and the Venom symbiote later participated in an ENDSARS protest march against corruption in the Nigerian Special Anti-Robbery Squad and Nigerian government alongside Olu, Setan, and Adora. When police opened fire on the protesters, Ngozi transformed into Venom and helped her friends protect the other protestors.[3]


Seemingly those of Venom and Black Panther of Earth-616.


  • Ngozi and her segment of Venomverse: War Stories has drawn some criticism for possessing ableist themes.[4]

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