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Nguyen Ngoc Coy was a former general in the South Vietnamese army. He called himself a simple businessman, one fortunate enough to be a self-made multi-millionaire. When South Vietnam fell, knowing Xi'an's and Tranh's powers, he arranged for their evacuation, but only Tran was rescued. Once in America, Xi'an, Leong, and Nga reunited with Tran and him, where Coy had prospered. He suggested Xi'an use her power in his service, as Tran did, but she refused and left with the children, whom he kidnapped until she agreed to work for him. While he was hosting a charity party attended by Reed Richards, Sue Storm, Ben Grimm, and Alicia Masters (whose sculptures he purchased in great amount), Spider-Man attempted to rescue Leong and Nga, but he was eventually defeated by Tran and the Fantastic Four. That night, on Pier 32 of the Brooklyn side of the East River, General Coy and his henchmen brought Leong and Nga to a ship that would have taken them away to be tested for paranormal abilities, but his plan was foiled by the Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, and Xi'an.[1]

He recruited the Flying Tiger to kidnap people and had an altercation with Spider-Woman.[2]

Later, he had a meeting with Kingpin. When they were attacked by the Mandroids, Spider-Woman saved their lives. With no evidences for their crime, she left them.[3]

When her friend Danielle Moonstar was kidnapped by the Silver Samurai and Viper, Xi'an contacted Coy to locate her, because of his influence in the criminal world. Coy accepted the deal under condition that she promise to work for him again.[4]

He also had a clash with Iron Man when employing the Flying Tiger to steal weapon technology from Stark Industries.[5]

When Leong and Nga went missing, Xi'an honored this sinister pact, in the hope of finding them. Her uncle used her mutant ability mainly to influence his return to Madripoor's criminal world. He had many confrontations with Wolverine.[6]

Years later, he was hired by the New York City crime families to help them eliminate Don Fortunato.[7]


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