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A CIA operative, Nia Jones worked with Colonel Nick Fury in a mission to take down a Hydra base in Czechoslovakia. They became romantically involved and the fling resulted in Nia becoming pregnant. She tried to keep the pregnancy a secret, but Fury found out. Concerned with the safety of Nia and their unborn child if they were to become targets of his enemies, Nick convinced Nia to abandon her life. Although reluctant to to this, Nia desired to protect her child above all. She adopted the new identity of Nia Johnson and moved to Atlanta, Georgia, where she became a teacher of social studies. Months later, Nia's son was born and she named him Marcus.[1]

Nia in her prime

Marcus lived a quiet life without contact or awarness of his true father, whom he believed was dead.[2] He grew up to become an Army Ranger, and was deployed in Afghanistan.[3] Thirty years after Marcus' birth,[1] the secret of his parentage was uncovered by Spymaster, who sold the information to would-be world conqueror Orion, one of Fury's biggest enemies.[4] In a ploy to extend his life and regain his youth, Orion targeted Marcus for the Infinity Formula ingrained in his blood that he inherited from his father.[1] Since Marcus was in active deployment, Orion decided to draw him out by killing Nia. The War of the Serpent had sparked during this time, causing worldwide panic-induced riots. Orion's assassins used the chaos in the streets as a cover. They broke into Nia's house, killed her and looted the house to make it look like the result of a home invasion.[4] Once the War of the Serpent ended, Marcus was notified of his mother's death and returned to America for her funeral.[3] Afterward, he was targeted by mercenaries sent by Orion, resulting in an adventure during which he met Nick Fury and discovered the truth,[1] and ultimately avenged Nia by killing Orion. In the aftermath, Marcus became a spy like his parents and adopted the identity of Nick Fury, Jr., having learned that it was his legal name.[5]


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