Nia Noble was the daughter of two supervillains, but she herself was heroic. Hybrid of a Human telepath and an enhanced Atlantean, her father was the Atlantean Nazi sympathizer U-Man, and it was believed that her mother was the World War II-era villain called Lady Lotus.

Nia was born sometime during WWII, but because of her Atlantean physiology she is still physically a young woman. At some point she met and married former Golden Age superhero, Peter Noble, known as The Fin, who was mystically prevented from aging and could breathe underwater. The two became rulers of the Fin's undersea kingdom of Neptunia, where they stayed out of surface affairs for decades.

However, Peter Noble still held a U. S. Navy commission, which was reactivated (at the rank of Admiral) so that he could take command of the Infiltrator, a battleship designed by the Thin Man using extradimensional technology.

This vessel could sail through "six-dimensional" space, re-entering our world at any point it chose, as well as containing other extremely advanced features. Nia and Peter both boarded the ship, along with Thin Man and the rest of his New Invaders team.

The Infiltrator acted as the Invaders' headquarters for several missions, but ultimately had to be sacrificed to prevent a doomsday device from being used by Nia's evil father, U-Man, to flood the world. The Invaders disbanded after this, and it was assumed that Nia and her husband returned to Neptunia as its rulers.


Nia is a hybrid of Homo superior and Homo mermanus. As such, she has the ability to breathe and survive indefinitely in either air or water. Her strength, stamina and physical durability are all superhuman, sufficiently so to allow her to fight hand to hand against U-Man.

In addition, she has inherited some limited telepathic ability from her mother Lady Lotus. Nia is able to project intensely painful mental attacks, and with outside augmentation, was able to influence the minds of others to a limited degree.

Super-strength, aquatic adaptation, telepathy.

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