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Niagara Falls is a massive collection of waterfalls that was naturally formed over the centuries. It is located along the border between Canada and the United States of America separating the province of Ontario with New York State.

20th Century

With the outbreak of World War II, Nazi spies often sought to exploit Niagara Falls for the purposes of espionage or sabotage.

In 1941, the Sub-Mariner exposed a plot by Nazi prisoners of war who escaped from their prisoners in Canada to use Niagara Falls as a means of smuggling themselves into the United States to carry acts of espionage[1]. The region was targeted for Nazi sabotage again in 1943, when Nazi operative Dr. Grant smuggled himself into the United States and attempted to blow up the falls. This plot was also stopped by the Sub-Mariner[2].

Glenn Talbot and Elizabeth Ross went to Niagara Falls for their honeymoon.[3]

Thunderball took a local power center hostage and threatened to destroy it unless he could speak with his beloved Rhonda - who by the way refused. Thunderball was defeated by Dr. Clytemnestra Erwin, who worked there, and by James Rhodes in his first solo action as Iron Man[4]

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