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Quote1 The Captains take the idea of you and make it real for the people you don't have time to think about. That's what Isaiah did. That's what I do. Quote2
Nichelle Wright[src]


Nichelle Wright was a star gymnast and local community leader in her hometown of Harrisburg, PA. She became a passionate and outspoken activist in the community attempting to tackle social issues, and when the town's water supply had been drastically damaged by corporate interests, she proved instrumental in protecting and improving a local pipeline to deliver cleaner, safer water by organizing protests, sit-ins, strikes, and whatever other non-violent means were needed to make their voices heard.

Inspired by stories of Isaiah Bradley, Nichelle took up the mantle of Captain America and began to patrol her streets at night, protecting her people through force when her daytime activism could not.

After Speed Demon stole Captain America's Shield and began working with Superior to attack people across the country while disguised as Captain America, they also began hunting people associated with the Captains Network, intending to kill, humiliate, and ultimately destroy the image of what the Captains represented. During one of these raids, Speed Demon made his way to Harrisburg, PA where he attacked the developing fresh water pipeline, knowing that her passion for campaigning for cleaner water would draw Nichelle out and allow him to pin the blame on her. As a result, she was quickly arrested under charges of domestic terrorism.

The incident caught the attention of Captains America Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson, who traveled to Harrisburg to investigate and meet with Nichelle. After quickly identifying the pipeline's damage as coming from Steve's Vibranium shield and not something Nichelle could have accomplished herself, and surviving an attack from Speed Demon and Superior, the two realized that the pair were going to kill Nichelle while she was in custody, and made their way to the local police station. Before the three could depart the station, Superior pulled up in an armored truck and began opening fire with machine guns on the Captains. While the villains escaped, Wright opted against continuing to aid the other two Captains, claiming that Avengers-level stuff was their field, and she had taken up her shield to look out for local interests.[1]

After parting ways with Rogers and Wilson, Nichelle intended to find somewhere to lay low, but was interrupted by the sound of gunfire as a nearby restaurant was held up. Recognizing the assailants, Nichelle snuck in through the back and disarmed the pair, though a bullet grazed her in the process. During the fight, one of the restaurant guests called in Nichelle's location to the police, and she was forced to flee again despite her wounded arm. Nichelle was rescued by the intervention of Benjamin, a local teen who had been inspired by her actions, who pulled her into an abandoned church and helped her treat her wounds. The group there, including her former gymnastics coach and older sister Joan, promised to continue to help her for all the good she had done for the community, and revealed a series of videos they had collected from members of the community, showcasing the people of Harrisburg's support for Nichelle, even after her wrongful branding as a terrorist, inspiring her to continue her mission of service in her hometown, regardless of her fugitive status.[1]

She returned to help the Captains Network defeat Hate-Monger in a final battle in California.[2]



  • Gymnastics: Nichelle was an upcoming gymnastics star and as a result she is extremely athletic and possesses great acrobatic prowess.[1]
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat: Nichelle also possesses some skills when it comes to fighting, with her fighting style relying more on speed rather than brute strength.[1]



A homemade facsimile of Captain America's Shield


  • As of her first appearance, Nichelle was 22 years old.[1]
  • Her one pant leg look is in homage to the American track star Florence "Flo-Jo" Griffith Joyner.

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