Nick Brown would seduce Katherine Blaire, wife of Carter Blaire who had become a famous singer. Eventually at odds with her first husband Carter, Katherine would leave him and her young daughter Alison to be with Brown. Their subsequent marriage would also produce a child, Lois, however things would be less than idealistic for the couple. Nick, an abusive alcoholic would push their marriage and financial life to the brink and Katherine would leave him along with her daughter Lois.

In recent years, Brown, having made a fortune due to mostly legal means would amass a large fortune and begin looking for his daughter to make amends for lost time. Hiring his butler Napier to find his daughter, Napier instead would force Lois and her recently united half-sister Alison (now the mutant powered musician known as the Dazzler) into attempting to murder Brown. He managed to blackmail the girls when taking photos of Lois right at the moment Lois' mutant powers manifested as she used them on a homeless man attempting to rape her and causing the man to die of a heart attack. With the girls on the run from the law, it was easy to get them to comply.

However, unwilling to kill a man, with the help of Angel and Alison's lawyer boyfriend Kenneth Barnett, the plot was exposed and Lois was cleared in the wrong doing. During this plot the two girls realized that the man they were blackmailed into attempting to murder was none other than Nick Brown. As a show of gratitude, Nick Brown took Alison under his wing and connected her with many influential people in LA, including Roman Nekoboh, the famous musician that would boost Alison's career until the point where she outed herself as a mutant causing her career to collapse.

He was unwillingly killed by a depressed Mortis, after he had, in a drunken state, verbally abused her. Selene, who was spying on Lois and her father, used this event to bound her into her Inner Circle.[1]

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