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Nick Fury is the director of S.H.I.E.L.D..

Chitauri Invasion

Evacuation of the S.H.I.E.L.D. Base

Arriving on the S.H.I.E.L.D. Base with Agent Hill during an evacuation, the duo freed Coulson, who breifed them on Loki's Scepter having been activated. Commandeering an impounded S.H.E.I.L.D. 4x4, the three made their way inside. Sending Hill to take care of the Phase 2 prototypes, Fury talked with Selvig and Hawkeye on the Tesseract. At that moment, however, Loki Laufeyson arrived through the portal and attacked the agents. Loki then used his Scepter to control several unconcious agents, forcing Fury and Hawkeye to fight them. Fury and Hawkeye were eventually able to back Loki into the portal chamber, where he used 12 projections of his image to fight them. After Fury and Hawkeye defeated these projections, Loki was able to take control of Hawkeye and Selvig, escaping with the Tesseract as the base begun to explode. After escaping in a Hellicopter and making one more unsuccesful attempt to apprehend Loki, Fury informed Hill that they were at war.

Phase II

Looking to recruit people for the Avengers Initiative, Nick Fury met with Steve Rogers who was currently training in the gym. Fury worked with Steve to create various pieces of Gym Apparatus, destroying much of the gym and knocking Stan Lee out in the process. Once the workout was finished, Fury asked Steve about the Tesseract, with Steve telling him they should've left it in the ocean. [2]

Cosmic Brick Crisis

Commanding from the Sidelines

Upon Silver Surfer's board being shot down, Fury took an interest in the "Cosmic Bricks" that resulted from the debris.

After inspecting the aftermath of the Grand Central Station battle, Fury sent the Cosmic Bricks to the Baxter Building for analysis and sending Iron Man to research further research into the Cosmic Bricks.

Mister Fantastic was having some research difficulty with the cosmic bricks, causing Fury to assign Captain America to help. At the same time, Fury assigned a S.H.I.E.K.l. research submarine to gather any Cosmic Bricks that landed in the ocean. Reed's brick was captured by Green Goblin, with Nick tracking him to Oscorp and sending Black Widow and Hawkeye to take care of it. After this mission failed, he was informed by Tony of Silver Surfer's connection of the power cosmic and the Surfer being held in Latveria before a break-in at the Raft occured, with him sending Hulk & Iron Man to take care of it.

After the majority of prisoners were freed from the raft and Loki acquired an arc reactor, Fury sent Black Widow and Hawkeye to retrieve it.

Operation: Latveria

With the Teseract being held in Latveria, Fury acquired the assistance of the Fantastic Four to storm Doom's castle after S.H.I.E.L.D. provided cleanup assistance for the Baxter Building. With the Four and Fury taking the Fantasti-Car to Latveria, they were met with incoming fire, Fury and Torch split up with the rest of the team to secure the landing zone, while Reed set the Fantasti-Car to autopilot and landed on Latverian soil with Sue and Ben. Landing on the other side of the castle to Reed's team, Fury and Torch were met with heavy resistance from Latverian troops, causing Fury to send a distress call to the other team. Now together, the five were forced to trigger the security alarm, as this would cause many Doombots to be brought down from the interiors of the castle and thus grant them access to the Elevator. Upon reaching Doom's lair, the five were met by Green Goblin who attacked them, knocking Johnny Storm unconcious, and sending Doombots after the rest. Eventually, the four were able to knock out Goblin. Afterwards, Johnny regained conciousness and the five confronted Doom.However, they were then crushed under rocks as a result of Loki's blasts. The five survived this attack, clearing up the rubble and bringing the captured Silver Surfer back to the hellicarrier. Fury then sent Thor & Iron Man after Doom and Loki, along with acquiring Professor X's assistance.

Last Stand on the Hellicarrier

Talking with a partially recovered Silver Surfer, Fury learned of Loki using the power cosmic. Later, Fury briefed a group of heroes on the dangers posed by Doom and Galactus. Afterwards, Galactus himself arrived on Earth. Faced with the prospect of global annihilation, Tony and Reed faced him with a proposition, team up with the villains to stop Galactus. Nick Fury asked for this, calling Doctor Doom and facing him with his proposition. Upon Doom accepting, Fury tasked Iron Man and Thor with meeting up with Magneto and Abomination. Fury assigned himself to 'Team Three' with Mr Fantastic, Captain America and Doctor Octopus while giving orders to the other team. Team Three built a Black Hole generator to knock Galactus in, however, Galactus refused to let go, leaving the responsibility of knocking him in to it Team Four. Team Four's plan worked, knocking Loki and Galactus into the black hole, destroying the Doom Ray and the earth was saved. As Loki had left the Teseract behind, Fury took it into S.H.I.E.L.D. custody. As per Fury and Doom's earlier agreement, the villains were given a thirty second head-start to escape, an idea that was unintentionally sabotaged by Hulk's inability to count to three, allowing the villains to escape. Later, Fury reassembled the Silver Surfer's board from the pieces of Cosmic Bricks left behind, allowing Surfer to set Galactus on a course away from earth. [1]

Afterparty at Stark Tower

Celebrating their victory over Galactus, Tony Stark held a wrap party at Stark Tower. Spider-Man attended the party and, much like the other guests, found it lifeless and boring. Eventually, Tony and Rhodey were able to build a DJ table for Fury to operate, bringing some life into the party. [1]

Kang's Invasion

Having sent a distress call to the Guardians of the Galaxy, Fury greeted them and told them the situation had been taken care of. However, the Guardians instead warned fury of Kang's invasion instead. [1] [3] Fury was then greeted by Black Panther, who had recently found Mr Tiddles. [3]



Seemingly those of the Nick Fury of Earth-199999.



  • Cloaking device


  • Multiple Firearms
  • Bazooka


  • Various land, sea, and air craft provided by SHIELD


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