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Nick Fury was the leader of the Shield until he disappeared in Perfection. Five days before the Shield fell the forces of Ultron attacked the Shield being lead by a monstrous form of Nick going by the name of The Fury.[1]

Under siege and at risk of failing their duty, the Hel-Rangers of the Shield tried everything they could to stop Nick the Fury, as he was the reason why the Ultron Engine was advancing so viciously. With the Endless Summers being reduced to only one-hundred men, and Kang unable to navigate through the timestream thanks to chronomines, Abigail Brand sought the help of the Unite once again. One of the Unite tried to use its ability to control robots to make Nick the Fury kill himself, but was killed instead. Using the remaining Unite as a distraction, Kang was able to take Nick the Fury into the timestream and pilot him into every chronomine he could, killing The Fury.[2]



Laser cannon in place of his left hand.

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