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An orphan, Nicholas Fury had no family or riches, but excelled on the battlefield and was noticed for it. He was knighted and eventually Sir Nicholas Fury served as the head of Queen Elizabeth's intelligence service. When the Queen had Fury meet the physician Sir Stephen Strange to learn of the Old Man bringing a weapon to them, Fury contacted one of his men, Matthew Murdoch, and arranged to have him protect the Old Man. Fury was then the target of an assassin, but defeated and captured him. Fury went to his old friend Carlos Javier to see if he could learn anything from the assassin's mind, and he learned that there were two more assassins coming. Fury had his assistant, Peter Parquagh, attend to matters involving Virginia Dare as he himself beat the captured assassin to learn who had sent him. He got Doom's name from the prisoner, but not in time to prevent the death of the Queen. Now taking orders from King James, Fury was told to go to Javier's school and capture or kill all there. Fury obeyed, but sent Peter ahead to ask Javier to surrender to avoid bloodshed. Fury imprisoned Javier and his students, but upon learning that an old friend, Sir Richard Reed, may still be alive and a prisoner of Doom, Fury decided to betray King James. Releasing Peter and asking him to return home, Fury claimed he was taking the prisoners to sea to kill them, but in reality he was helping them invade Latveria. The attack was a success and Fury freed Reed and his crew, along with Murdoch and Thor. Now a fugitive from England, Fury went with the others to the New World. Upon reaching Roanoke, Fury convinced Ananias Dare to proclaim they had taken over the colony, so that James would not think they were working with the fugitives and monsters. When James sent Banner, with Peter and a crew of soldiers, to kill Fury, Fury killed all of them save Banner, whom he could not find, and Peter. He told Peter that he saw that nothing he'd ever done mattered now, that he no longer cared about saving the world, and if Peter wished to kill him to gain favor with James, he would allow it. When Rojhaz went missing before they could send him through the time portal, Fury had Virginia take the form of a hound and tracked him. Rojhaz told Fury that he wanted to stay there and help America grow, but Fury tried to explain that the world would end if he didn't go back. Fury asked Rojhaz to trust him, then knocked him out with a rock and carried him through the portal and disappeared as it closed.[citation needed]

It is unclear whether Fury was sent to Earth-460.

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