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Early Life

Nick Grossman was an expert juggler and stunt-performer.[1]


He was the fourth recruit of the Death-Throws, a group of costumed mercenaries and jugglers gathered and led by the Ringleader. The other two members were brothers Oddball and Tenpin. Although the Death-Throws valued teamwork more than other villain groups, Oddball suddenly broke up with the Death-Throws for unknown reasons. Tenpin found him after a while, and took him back to the Death-Throws. While solo, Oddball had began to work with another criminal juggler, Bombshell, and had convinced her to join the Death-Throws.[1]

Oddball's previous boss Crossfire contacted the Death-Throws from jail. He wanted the jugglers to release him, and agreed to pay them when he was freed. The Ringleader accepted the deal, and the other Death-Throws worked together to free Crossfire. However, once they had taken Crossfire to their own HQ, they discovered that Crossfire was broke! His assets had been impounded and he had lost any useful link with Cross Technologies. The Death-Throws decided to use Crossfire as a bait to attract Hawkeye and Captain America to a trap, but those two Avengers defeated all of the Death-Throws. Tenpin and his partners went to jail.[2]


Although Oddball was killed in Madripoor, and Bombshell temporarily left the team, the Death-Throws continued with their usual crime contracts. They even went to London with their old boss Crossfire as part of a R.A.I.D. terrorist attack on the city. They were tasked with causing destruction and death on Tower Bridge, but were defeated by Union Jack and Sabra.[3]

Hood's Gang

He was recruited in the Hood's criminal army.[4]


Soon after the World War Hate, the Death-Throws attempted to rob the Big Top Casino in Las Vegas, but their plan was thwarted by Loki.[5]


Power Grid[6]
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Expert juggler (specializing in non-symmetrical objects)



Knicknack uses dissimilar items to juggle, including bowling balls, lead pipes, fruits and vegetables, edged weapons and one active power saw he particularly enjoys. Depending on the weapon, the damage it causes could be different.

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