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Nick "Lucky" Lewis was a mob boss who tried taking over all the mobs of New York. Lewis was responsible for granting super powers to Terrier, who blackmailed J Jonah Jameson into selling the Daily Bugle for Lewis.[1] He also released Vulture from jail, so he could kill Wilson Fisk before Fisk became a threat.[2]

Later Lewis assumed the Crime-Master identity, inspired by another super criminals, and kidnapped Dr. Carson, who created the cerebra-chip (that turns people into mindless slaves with superhuman strength, speed, and endurance) and his daughter, but Spider-Man saved both of them and destroyed the chips with his Spider-Tracer-Tracker.[3]

Then Crime-Master started a partnership with the Green Goblin. They tried to steal a Seismic Ray Device from Empire State University, but their plan was frustrated by Spider-Man.[4] After the incident Lewis broke the partnership with his Green Goblin, safe in the knowledge that they both knew each other's secret identities so no one could ever reveal them[5] (unaware that Green Goblin impersonated J Jonah Jameson).[4]

He tried to kill Spider-Man, but was gunned down on a rooftop directly across from the Daily Bugle Building, and died before he could reveal to the police the true identity of the Green Goblin.[6]

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