Nick Manolis was a decorated and competent New York City police detective and a confidant of Daredevil. Nick Manolis' son became gravely ill and Nick was confronted with huge medical bills. To afford medical treatement his son's life, Nick Manolis allied himself with the criminal Wilson Fisk. Under the Kingpin's orders, Nick Manolis swore affidavits that Matt Murdock bribed testimony. Such affidavits from a noted policeman like Nick Manolis caused New York to dis-bar Matt Murdock. Murdock confronted Manolis on his false testimony but took no action when he learned Manolis' son was gravely ill. Daily Bugle reporter Ben Urich also confronted Manolis about his false testimony. Emotionally torn, Manolis refused to recant his claims. After his son succumbed to his illness and died, Manolis contacted Urich to set the record straight on his charges against Murdock. Unfortunately, a burly nurse who was an agent of the Kingpin grapically and slowly strangled Manolis as Ben Urich listened to his demise on the phone.

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