A man going by the alias of Nicholas Prophet was the leader of the apocalyptic Aurora cult worshipping the Aurora borealis. He based their location in a compound he referred to as the "Night Cathedral" near the town of Burns in southern Alaska based on the supposed crossing of several major ley lines in that place. When questioned about the murder of a young woman named Jessica Reilly who was a member of his cult, he made no attempt to deny that "Prophet" was not his real name, but also revealed that his fingertips were burned off, making his identification more difficult for the law enforcement.[1]

  • The fate of Prophet is one of the few major differences between two versions of The Long Night. In the comic adaptation he and the cultists commit suicide by jumping off a cliff near the Witness Tree as the Long Night falls. In the original podcast he and his cultists surround the Kenai Providence Hospital as the Long Night begins and demand to have Sheriff Ridge handed over to them as their sacrifice. Agent Pierce responds to shooting Prophet and telling the cultists that they can sacrifice him instead.

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