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Nick Trask was a ruthless crime boss operating in Los Angeles, California. He had crossed paths with Sheriff Morris Walters.[1]


He shot and seriously wounded Jennifer Walters, the sheriff's daughter, as she was legally defending a gangster who had been double-crossed by Trask and offered to turns state's evidence, which would be sufficient to ruin Trask if the case went to trial. Trask's hoods attempted a second hit on Jennifer, but due to a blood transfusion from her cousin which contained gamma radiation in the blood, the attack transformed her into a green-skinned giant much like the Hulk. His goons were taken aback at what happened, and commented "its some kinda she-hulk". Jennifer's voice boomed out "You called me a She-Hulk, so that's what I'll be", and trapped the thugs for the police to find.[2]

Nick Trask paid off a local trucker to keep quiet about a shipment coming in from Stark Industries containing advanced technology. He had the trucker killed as well as the men turning state's evidence and blamed the deaths on She-Hulk. Nick tried to kill Jen again, but instead killed Jill Stevens. The contents of the crates were revealed to be robotic parts with which he built a "She-Hulk Robot", but the real one was able to destroy it.[3]

Trask abducted Sheriff Walters and gave him a piece of advanced weaponry from Stark Industries to kill the She-Hulk, as the Sheriff did not know she was his daughter. Trask rigged it so it would explode killing them both. She-Hulk spotted the flaw, saving herself as well as her father.[4]

Trask then constructed a massive earth-boring device called the "Silver Serpent" using the Stark tech. He planned to drain Roxxon Oil's wells dry, allowing him to buy out the company. She-Hulk investigated and discovered the machine, but during the fight the drill continued to bore deeper into the Earth, burying Trask alive.[5]

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