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Nichole Martin

Nichole Martin was involved in the sidelines of a Hulk/Abomination battle that cost her the loss of her arm, leg and eye after a garbage truck fell from the sky and onto her car, and where her son Johnny burned to death. Blaming the Hulk for the incident, she accepted the grafting of cloned parts of the Abomination replacing the limbs she'd lost for a chance to gain revenge against the Hulk, and then joined the Gamma Corps created by Gen. Ryker with the code name of Mess. After fighting and nearly beating the Hulk in World War Hulk, Mess came to terms with the loss of her son after the Hulk apologized for her loss. This sends Mess into tears and gave her a sense of relief.

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As Mess

Later her teammate Prodigy revealed to her through video footage that it was not the Hulk, but Abomination that threw the truck that killed her son and caused the loss of her limbs.

Mess and the rest of the Gamma Corps were attacked by a haywire Hulk A.I., who wanted to kill them as part of the plan of the original Hulk to neutralize every Gamma-powered mutate from the Earth, even though the original Hulk's plan didn't include lethal force. After following the haywire A.I. to Fort Knox, Hulk saved the Gamma Corps from their deaths, but later stripped them of their powers.[1]


While her Abomination parts possess superhuman qualities, her human parts retain normal human strength and durability. She is skilled at marksmanship and is the most well-trained member of the team.


Has military training

Strength level

Superhuman strength on her left arm and leg


Lots of ammo


A customized M-60 machine gun

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