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Nick Bruto was a criminal who who was at large in the 1940s. In 1945, he discovered that scientist Dr. Payne had developed an anti-gravity device that he built into his home, enabling it to fly. Taking Payne hostage and forcing him to operate the anti-gravity device, Bruto used it to enhance his abilities to get away with his crimes. After strategically parking the house in a vacant area, Bruto then committed his robberies and fled into the home, which he then moved to avoid capture.

Eventually, the manhunt for Bruto would bring the attention of Miss America when she witnessed the theft of a pearl necklace off a woman giving her a ride. Miss America failed to capture him then, and then later also failed to stop Bruto from robbing Tiffans jewelry store. Noting the story of the disappearance of Dr. Payne and his house, Miss America started making a connection.

Going back to the scene where she lost Bruto, Miss America deduced that there was one extra house on the street that wasn't there before. Entering it, Miss America was knocked out by Bruto who threw her out of the house while it lifted into the air. Finding no use for Payne, Bruto then threw the scientist out of a window to his death as well. However, Bruto did not account of Miss America's ability of flight as she soon returned with Payne and easily knocked him out. Landing the house, Miss America then turned Bruto over to the authorities.[1]

His subsequent fate is unknown.



Bruto was armed with a pistol.


Dr. Payne's flying house.

Nick Bruto briefly possessed a house that could fly thanks to an anti-gravity engine build by Dr. Payne. How the device was able to negate gravity, its means, or propulsion and its limitations are unknown.

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