Quote1.png You ain't paid to see, lady -- just to follow orders! Quote2.png
-- Nick Fury

Appearing in "The Name Of The Game Is... Hate!"

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  • Psychotron


Synopsis for "The Name Of The Game Is... Hate!"

Nick Fury is nearly taken out by an assassin when he goes in for a simple routine doctor's appointment check-up. Fury is able to guess based on the assassin's attire and the letter "H" on his getaway ship that he must be in the employ of the Hate-Monger. Fury gathers Dum Dum, Gabe and Woo and together they track the Hate-Monger to a secluded island fortress. The Hate-Monger, with his assistants Dr. Kaupfmann and "Frau Kline" (really Laura Brown on an undercover mission), shows Fury exactly how he intends to take over the world with his arsenal of nuclear missiles. Dr. Kaupfmann then shoots the Hate-Monger, saying that he can't go along with his mad schemes anymore. When the Hate-Monger is unmasked his identity is revealed as yet another clone of Adolf Hitler.


  • Laura Brown is disguised as Frau Kline for part of this issue.
  • This issue contains a letters page, "Don't Yield, Write S.H.I.E.L.D.!". Letters are published from Paul Mock, Otis Watson, Jr., Joe Trask, Patrick Cosgrove, Maurice Trudeau, and Kurt Festinger.

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