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At S.H.I.E.L.D. Headquearters, Sitwell and an aging Rollins meet the fifth generation of Jimmy Woo. Rollins doesn't like the less lifelike appearance and the loss of the fourth's memories, which Sitwell suggests serves as a reminder of their mortality, a nemesis that only the Infinity Formula in Nick Fury's blood can defeat for them. Dugan, Jones, and Fontaine meet to plan an infiltration of Roxxon to get to the bottom of the Council's shady activities. Val has another problem as she's been assigned to Delta, and they're now aware that that's the center of a lot of the suspicious problems at S.H.I.E.L.D. Gabe and Dum Dum are worried, but Val believes she can take care of herself, and if she can find answers at Delta, that's where she needs to go.

Fury, Pierce, MacKenzie, and Allen airdrop into Hong Kong from a Quinjet borrowed from Stark. They meet up with Pail, an old war buddy of Fury's, and Pail's son, Weng, a Sumo wrestler. Together they make plans to find and infiltrate Hydra, where they know the power core ended up. Fury is wary of Weng despite Pail's insistence that he can be trusted. As it turns out, Weng has a weakness as he believes Madame Hydra is his lover. As soon as Weng meets with her secretly and reveals that Fury has arrived, she betrays him and Hydra puts an implant in his brain to turn him into their sleeper agent.

Somewhere high above the Earth, the masterminds behind S.H.I.E.L.D. and Delta enjoy the culmination of their plans and the imminent Ascension Call. The man at the center of the Council manipulates Madame Hydra in the guise of Supreme Hydra while making his own appearance similar to that of Baron Strucker, one of the "progenitors". His lover has fun with their variable forms as well by taking an appearance that's a mixture of Val, Gail Runciter, and Laura Brown, the women in Fury's life. While at Roxxon's Delta encoding room, the Encoder prepares Kate Neville as a new Deltite, but she's more resistant than the earlier recruits. However, when the Deltite Laura Brown comes in to deliver a report on the progress of their plans, the news of Fury's movements does lead Neville to believe Fury is the traitor behind everything.

Back in Hong Kong, Weng plays his role to lead Fury and his allies to Hydra's base, but just before they arrive, Hydra activates Weng's implant to make him attack. Before Fury can do anything, Weng kills Allen and his own father, Pail. Pierce goes berserk and charges into Hydra's base, spoiling Fury's plan for a covert attack, but they do the best with what they have left. The Council picks that moment to prematurely activate Hydra's rocket launch, betraying Hydra, who believed they had time to evacuate the launch site. The fanatic Madame Hydra does her best to complete her directive to get Fury onto the rocket in the three minutes to launch, but in the last minute Nick jumps from the launch pad with her in hand and is saved because Pierce is ther to catch them. Hydra's rocket blasts off from underground, killing three thousand people among Hydra's agents and the unfortunate Hong Kong civillians living above, but it's all for nothing as Fury isn't with it. However, the monitors at Delta aren't concerned as Madame Hydra knows the alternative plan.

Solicit Synopsis

The scene shifts to Hong Kong as Nick and his allies travel overseas to learn more about the corruption that's eaten away at S.H.I.E.L.D.! Madame Hydra's on hand, too ... but is she friend or foe?

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