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Born to Santa Claus and Maria Claus, Nick was given up for adoption shortly after birth due to his mother's death and his father's inability to care for the child. Left at a random house, Nick grew up in an abusive home, knowing he was adopted, but having no clue as to who his parents were. Eventually, tiring of the abuse, he ran away from home and lived on the street.

At some later point, Agonistes, an elf in Santa's employ, tracked him down to recruit him for the fight against the Anti-Claus. Telling Nick that he had a job offer for him that required him to travel, Agonistes slowly convinced Nick to accompany him. During a plane ride, Agonistes drew a gun and commanded everyone on the plane to buckle up, and then handed a parachute to Nick. Pushing Nick from the plane, the two parachuted into the vast expanse of the North Pole.

After a brief hike, they found the ruins that were Santa's workshop (Agonistes, along the way, revealing Nick's true origin). Inside, they found corpses of the elves and reindeer littering the ruins, and in the inner-most sanctum, they found the corpse of Santa, frozen to death. A call then came in on a nearby monitor from the Anti-Clause, who was out to finish what he'd started by killing Nick and Agonistes. Arriving shortly after on a sleigh led by warthogs, the Anti-Claus commenced his attack on Nick (who, feeling cold, had donned a spare Santa suit) by cracking a metal bullwhip. Fleeing, Nick found his abilities heightened.

Hiding behind rubble, Nick decided to ambush the Anti-Clause, shoving a screwdriver into the villain's heart, but not slowing him an inch. Running again, Nick found Santa's sleigh, and threw it at the Anti-Claus, pinning him and causing the loss of one of the Anti-Claus's arms, but otherwise doing nothing to him. Eventually finding Santa's sack, Nick threw it over the Anti-Claus, causing the villain to fall into its limitless expanses.

At battle's end, Agonistes, who had fled at the beginning, revealed that he had found Donner and Blitzen still alive, hidden underneath the corpses of the other reindeer. Initially unsure what to do, Nick quickly decided that he would take up the mantle, but decided to move the headquarters from the North Pole to the Bahamas.[1]



  • Enhanced Speed
  • Enhanced Strength
  • Enhanced Agility



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