Nick Pinto was a notorious criminal who was seemingly put to death in the electric chair for an undisclosed crime. However, unknown to all, he had made a deal with the prison coroner. For a fee, the coroner rigged the chair with a voltage dampener that only stopped Pinto's heart for a short period of time. Revived shortly after the drive out of the prison, Pinto resumed his crime spree, murdering his enemies and keeping the police on the defensive.

Pinto's seeming return from the dead attracted the attention of government agent Betsy Ross as well as Captain America and Bucky. Following Betsy, the two heroes witnessed as Pinto's men captured her. Following them back to Pinto's hideout, they easily smashed up his operation and turned him over to the authorities. Facing the electric chair once more, Pinto refused to explain how he managed to survive the chair the previous time and gloated that he would cheat death once again.

Once again, Pinto seemed to be killed on the electric chair. However, the coroner once more revived him. However, getting wise to the situation, the authorities stopped the hearse taking Pinto off the property to inspect it. Pinto, armed with a gun, attempted to fight his way out, taking Betsy Ross as a hostage. However, cornered by Captain America and Bucky, he attempted to climb over the prison fence. As he did so, one of the guards activated an electric current, electrocuting him to death. The coroner himself was gunned down clashing with the guards while trying to make his own escape.[1]


When on the loose, Nick Pinto was armed with conventional firearms.

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